Beetle dung set to bring big benefits


Beetle dung set to bring big benefits

Kanittha Inchukul

Researchers expect the high variety of dung-beetles in Thailand to bring the country great benefits in the future.

One hundred and fifty species of dung-beetles, locally known as Mang Kudgi, were found in the northeastern region by Yupha Harnboonsong from Khon Kaen University and beetle expert Sommai Chuenram.

Seven dung-beetles found here are new world species, said Ms Yupha who conducted a year of research in 19 provinces of the region.

The research is sponsored by Thailand Research Fund and National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology under the Biological Research and Training Programme (BRT).

The beetles feed on cattle waste as well as other wild animal excrement such as elephants and pheasants, hence the beetles play an important role in getting rid of waste.

She said that New Zealand must import dung-beetles from Australia and Africa countries to solve the problem of an abundance of livestock excrement.

BRT’s Chief Wisut Baimai said: “Scientists are interested in the enzyme or bacteria in those beetles which can digest excrement. We expect it may be developed into products for solving pollution from livestock and refuse in the future.”

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