Edible insects (entomophogy)

insects as food

Insects have traditionally been a rich source of protein, calories, vitamins and minerals in the Northern Thai diet. They are also prized as delicacies. In fact, it is unusual for me to find an insect which is not eaten in one form or another by local people. Among the most popular are:

The tiny beetles are kept in a jar with cracked rice (like popcorn) and honey. Keeping a thriving colony is supposed to bring prosperity to the household. Some people, however, also eat the beetles- live. As they’ve lived on a diet of rice and honey they shouldn’t taste too bad (the beetles, that is) but I’m not sure whether KFC would be interested ………
Thanks to Martin Hough for presenting me with these specimens

silk moth pupae recipe
Take a bowl of silk moth pupae. First remove the pupae from their cocoons, then boil them till soft with a pinch of salt, finally sautee them lightly. Alternatively, try Delia Smith…