about this site

This is a site devoted to Thailand’s amazing insects photographed in the forests around Chiang Mai.

My aim is to show the variety of insects in the form of snapshots. I do not claim the pictures are remarkable as photography or scientifically accurate. I hope the site will appeal to entomologists, amateur and professional, as well people with an interest in wildlife in South East Asia and Northern Thailand. I neither collect nor sell insects.

For their help in finding and identifying species, comments, ideas and suggestions, many thanks to:

Johan Avén, Awe, Tony Ball, Greg Ballmer, Stephen Bird, Michel Boulard, Roland Breithaupt, Boris Buche, Hsun-Cheng Chang, Michel Chantraine, Khwankanok Chueata, Stuart Cole, Jérôme Constant, Jerry Davidson, Les Day, Nick Donnelly, Rory Dow, Todd Dyer, Pisuth Ek-Amnuay, Randy Emmitt, Michael Geiser, Alastair Goodall, Fredrik Häljesgård, Matti Hamalainen, Ben Harink, Jean Haxaire, Don Herbison-Evans, Katja Hogendoorn, Martin Hough, Andrew and Colin Johnson, Dick Kaae, Peter Kautt, Denis Keith, Roger Kendrick, Gabor Keresztes, Ian Kitching, Arp Kruithof, Dr. V. N. Kuznetsov, German Lafer, Felix Lin, David Lohman, Peter Madddison, Philippe Magnien, Hardy Maihold, Noppadon Makbun, Ulrich Manthey, Alessandro Marletta, David Mohn, Melinda Moir, John Nielsen, Jugkrit Nittaramorn, Bert Orr, Andy Pierce, Adrian Plant, Michael and Nancy van der Poorten, Chris Raper, Jonathan Rodman, Aubrey Scarbrough, Paul Schaefer, Richard Seaman, Fred Sherberger, Chris Shortall, Jack Simons, Peter Smetace, W. Speidel, Warren Spencer, Dieter Stuening, Sutat Subinprasert, David Tang, Nikita Vikhrev, Vaz Viren, Rob de Vos, Bastiaan Wakkie, Chantira Wangchoeng and the Wangchoeng family, Terry Whitaker, Dave Williams, Doug Yaneda, Shen-Horn Yen, Sunthorn Yeepa, Tomeema Yeepa, Vadim Zolotuhin

The numerous mistakes are all my own work.

As I am not an entomologist it is very unlikely I can help in identifying species that are not shown here.

Pictures from thaibugs.com have appeared in:
Compassionate Friend
Good Morning Chiang Mai News
Scientific American
Talking Science Bangkok Butterfly Museum
California Science Center
Moths of Thailand 3 (without permission)
Moths of Thailand 4 (with permission)

No insects were harmed in the making of this website. Family, friends and pets may have been neglected and the photographer attacked, bitten, stung, lacerated, scratched, tormented and annoyed on many occasions.

portrait of the site owner
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